Bundle Contributor

We are working on a big project here behind the scenes

We are currently looking for speakers and contributors for the Big Feelings Bundle

  1. First you must see if you’d be a good fit for this bundle. Read our mission below.
  2. Read over the detail below and submit your interest in the form link provided.

Mission and Purpose

Just want to set clear expectations that this bundle and our summits are for gentle, peaceful, positive parenting.

In your videos and messaging please know what we are NOT condoning spanking, punishments including time-outs etc. This bundle will also be directed to those who believe in the Bible and Jesus and want to include their faith into their families and parenting. If you have any concerns or questions please let me know.


To provide support for emotions and big feelings from a gentle, peaceful Christian perspective.

Why are we offering the bundle

Every year during the long winter our family gets cabin fever. Emotions are high and we struggle with big feelings, fights, meltdowns etc. There’s lots of candy from holidays and less activity and outside time. It all adds up and parents are weary/worn down.  


The plan is two fold

  1. Offer a teaser of a few video interviews. We will do a panel discussion teaser to kick off the bundle. Sessions will be about emotions, meltdowns, and encouragement. I’d like to have a diverse cross section of speakers and topics. These videos will be available while we sell the bundle as a lead in and to offer value and support to families.
  2. Up-sell Big Feelings Bundle. A collection of printables, e-books, devotionals, videos, courses and special offers. 


The audience is Christian parents and caregivers looking for gentle, peaceful parenting resources and support. The speakers and contributors are Chritian coaches, authors and bloggers who support gentle, peaceful parenting.


The proposed date is March 14-26 for the Bundle to be on sale.

Suggested topics for speaking or contributing to the bundle

  • Coping skills and strategies
  • Handling big feelings
  • Emotions and feelings
  • What does the Bible say about emotions?
  • Biblical advice on emotions
  • Special needs and emotions
  • Selfcare and emotions in children
  • Encouragement for parents
  • Ways to keep kids busy and active (or the season where you live)
  • Selfcare or calm kits
  • Calming strategies
  • Feelings activities for kids
  • Advice for caregivers, teachers, grandparents, babysitters
  • Getting the whole family on board
  • Handling your own big feelings as the adult
  • Managing emotions with your spouse or other caregivers

How can you get involved

  1. Speaker – This would include a 20-40min interview with Meaghan Jackson sometime between December and February on your selected topic. We will also plan a short live panel discussion March 11 or 14th.
  1. Contributor – add to our bundle. This could be a digital product, e-book, printables, devotional, scripture cards, notebook, workbook, video, online course, interview, or something else you can imagine. If you would like to contribute but aren’t sure what you have to offer, let me know and we can brainstorm together. Your contribution will either be housed on my platform OR you provide a coupon code for your site.
  1. Special Offers – As an added page in the bundle if you’d like to include a special offer, or discount to your store/service.
  1. Affiliate – I am offering 50% commission for the up-sell of the bundle. You share about the videos and bundle with your audience in any way you are able.
  1. Sponsor – There are several benefits to being a sponsor and I will make every attempt to promote you. $50CAD 
    1. Logo and link on the web page
    2. Logo and links on the bundle purchase page
    3. Multiple locations to share details about your business and a promo video if you choose.
    4. Your business details and videos share in the Facebook group and on social media
    5. Thank you mentions in emails


January 14 – last day to join as speakers or contributors

February 14 – Contributions due 

March 11 or 14 discussion panel

March 14 – Promotion starts

March 14- 25  Share videos, images and promote bundle

March 26 – Last day for bundle

End of April – Affiliate payouts

Important links

Form to express interest in Big Feelings Bundle


Sign up as an affiliate


Form for submissions


Meaghan’s email